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I always tell people that if they want to get to know me that they should take a look at my blog. This couldn’t be any closer to the truth than it is, my blog is a very true and authentic representation of my life in a, hopefully, unpretentious way. It is more than just a food blog. It is a means of me communicating to the world.

I began my blog at the young age of 16 with lots of food experience of my own. I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember under the watchful eye of my mom. I’ve worked in two bakeries, one a bread bakery and another a cake bakery where I iced cakes. I am a young passionate, self-taught cook who would like to inspire you to cook and eat real food. To me food is only good and real when it is soulful and has been made wholeheartedly. If you aren’t eating real food, you aren’t eating at all. When you can feel the love and time that has been put into creating that one dish you know that you are eating real food. I personally prefer the process of creating food than eating it. I find it almost very meditative. I’d like to reveal that side of cooking and baking, as well as to inspire you to put your heart into whatever dish you may be preparing.

Since a very young age my Jewish side of the family have taken advantage of my culinary skills and put me on Challah making duty. Somehow after busy school weeks, every Friday I am able to create two Challah loaves and have them finished in time to deliver them to my family. They all love my challah, especially when I put my own spin on the classic loaf and add new flavour combinations. One time I had some herbs in my garden that were on the verge of dyeing out so I turned them into an aromatic Moroccan styled paste and stuffed the Challah with it. Another time I made a Christmas challah. My granny joked with me that it is the solution to world peace, the braiding or bringing together of two religions.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Ben, I stumbled across “hung up” and saw your article.

    I’m so glad I did! WOW, you are so talented. I absolutely love your blog, you’re such a great inspiration and I’m certain your family are very proud of you.

    I’ve just shared your blog with my family n friends so their kids can whip up a storm too!

    Stay Blessed;-)

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  2. Hi Ben,

    Found you on Zanita’s blog for your vegan panna cotta puddings, and I’m so glad I did. You’ve inspired me to make some delicious things!

    MC x

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